These are wonderful times we live in.
It might be rather strange and a inappropriate statement when you look at the current news flashes that are thrown at us. But nevertheless I do make the statement that we live in wonderful times!

Many of us are already helping others by telling to wake up, trust your inner voice, allow yourself to be free and become aware of the changes that are upon us. These are some of the wonderful things that are taking place.
But there is something that I would like to add to all those inspiring and energetic messages.
For many of us it is probably the most important step; ‘to accept the way you are’.

Isn’t this such a simple and honest statement? Isn’t this the most profound and truthful and yet most daring thing one can do?But it’s true and for most it is the most liberating thing you can give yourself right now.
Accepting yourself, on the other hand, is a rather abstract and sometimes unclear subject.

I do so recognize the fact that accepting one’s self can have a limit or might even start processes in yourself that are confronting.
And I can only reply to this with the knowledge that it is a never ending process. Step by step you give yourself more and more freedom, more love and more understanding. You give yourself allowance to be who you choose to be and to be total. You start more and more to allow yourself to do what you need to do or are compelled to do.

know that your feelings of incompleteness, quilt, unworthiness, inability and any other sense that you might have that keeps you from being who you want to be, is as much worth as the idea of reaching that goal on how to become who you think you want to be. Both are simply said; ‘you are that’!

this is probably the most significant thing you can give yourself; accept the whole package of you.
The reason for this is that all of you that you think, label or feel that is negative, wrong or shouldn’t see the (public) daylight, is, in fact, just as beautiful and worthy as all the things you consider good, positive, better or growing material. The distinction of difference is not real.

So, before you consider to change yourself, put yourself through all kind of teachings and paradigms, try to start with this simple but powerful quest: ‘accept who, what and the way you are’!

You are so beautiful in all your different ways…

Some things to help in this:

– you really are already complete.
There is no right or wrong. There is no consequence to any action unless you yourself give it one.
All the ideas about what is right or wrong are kept alive in your mind. They might have been taught to you or they might have been created by you. But it does not determine anything about you!

– you don’t have to be perfect.
When coming in touch with teaching, lessons, inspirations or books, you might feel that you have to reach a certain level of awareness, be prepared for a shift or need to find and clean all your karma or to discover all the hurt and pain in your life so that you finally can become totally pure and acceptable.
My goodness…do you feel the guilt yet?
No, those teachings and lessons are to help and inspire but are sometimes misunderstood as something you have to achieve.
There is absolutely nothing you have to achieve!
Nothing you have to earn or do before you can be what you want to be.
You are already complete!

– Know that you can, are or sometimes have to be different.
We can’t all be the same and luckily we are not. But see the reassuring truth in the fact that you do not have to answer to any kind of conformity to be accepted or even valued. You are never being judged. What other might say is only their individual perspective on their own reality of how they experience you or anything else for that matter.

You are, at every point in your life, being loved!


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