Genetic Imperfection as a choice.

All the so called genetic imperfections or disorders are not something to be seen as a disease.
(A edited version of a previous post)

We create a body according to our state of soul.
We are not our body; we are a splendid part of a universal energy. We chose to learn, to experience and to develop our sense of being by creating a body that would suite our temporary purpose.
This can be on Earth but just as well in any other universe or dimension. When we are born we make home in a body that was created by ourselves and is a perfect fit to our needs, to our energy from which we are creating and which we are till that moment. Therefore all our genetic material is not the leading ingredient; it is not what makes us. Genetic materials are the tools that make it possible for us to translate our spiritual essence to a physiological being; our body.
In other words, to transform our spiritual state, our energetic form to a physical or material state. This is why we, as unborn souls, are choosing and guided to the right parents that will meet our requirements to do what we set out to do. We really make it able ourselves to live, learn and experience the life that we chose for. There is absolutely no accident here at work and it’s not like we search endlessly for the right “parents”. We, in every case, chose a live in a material form to experience love in a whole variety of ways. Love does not have boundaries, does not have rules or certain ways. Love is. It can be expressed in countless ways. But for most it is and needs to be experienced.

Think about this for a moment. You might think that love is something you give and receive and that love can be expressed in many different ways. It is true but yet also limited. Try to see love as energy. Is energy with a specific form? Does energy have any preference? Is energy itself a form? No. Energy is and will always be energy.
When love is experienced it creates more love and more energy. More energy that is willing to flow, to go any way you want to. Love must and will be experienced. Whatever direction it is given (give love, receive love, make love) is purely up to you.
How upsetting it might be for parents and sometimes for the child when realizing it is considered “abnormal” or “different”. Rests assure that it is always according to the universal law and universal path that someone is undertaking. It is indeed a perfect match for everyone involved and in which each one can experience their personal part of love. It’s quit magical if you think of it.

See it as making a cake. To get the desired results you need the right ingredients. You go and collect them before you go to work with them. This is what happens when you are an unborn soul. You are choosing and guided to the right parent-souls which are carrying the needed genetic materials for you to develop further. These developments, experiences can be mastered consciously or unconsciously. But it always comes down to one magical point: Love. To experience love in a, by you, chosen setting. Just and only because you want this as an entity, a soul: to become rich in experiencing different kinds of love.

The major problem with the current medical approach is that we are seen as physiological beings only without an energetic essence of soul or spirit. But one cannot exist without the other. And to make things even more accurate, I would say that physiological matter does not exist. It is only there because out of creation of and from energy.
Genetic imperfections or disorders are basically not what it is. They aren’t imperfections or disorder on itself but the exact right collection of tools, genetic material that you, as an energetic being, need, and chose for, to fulfill your journey in this world. You might not be able to find the actual reason why you chose this road and most likely it is for the best. A cat wouldn’t be a cat if it was analyzing why it is a cat. The steps taken to heal your body, to neutralize the disorder or imperfection, might be a road needed to take. But all steps taken to understand your energetic or spiritual state will bring you much closer to unfolding and healing your natural state of being.
And please bare that this might not include healing your physical body for this is only your temporarily vessel you’re using to make the experience possible. Your natural and original state is and always was energetic!
A misunderstanding is that we make ourselves believe that there is an actual standard to which we have to live up to. This is very wrong and devastating. Every one of us is undertaking its own path; its own journey in which imperfection or perfection does not exists. Each one of us is undertaking the same journey but with different, very personal ingredients which match only to the one who created them and carry’s them. But for all of us it is to experience love.