How hard we made it for our self to come to peaceful terms with our self if we are captured in this differentiated reality. How can we make the jump to really experience the ‘no difference’ and let this guide our decisions.

This morning I was looking at roses who were standing in a pot without water. I immediately apologized for not taking better care of them and having to suffer for my carelessness.
And although this act of care..apologizing to the roses, might be a sincere act, it only has its meaning within a world where differentiation is hold active.
If we take the difference of things away it would only be me present with roses. No matter in which state they appear to me.
Because the appearances is only what we physically see with our eyes within this reality. The nature of the roses and me are already connected without the interference of differences.

February 2015


All the so called genetic imperfections or disorders are not something to be seen as a disease.

We receive a body according to our state of soul. We are not our body, we are a splendid part of an universal energy in to where we are trying to get back to. When we are born we receive a body that is fit to our needs, to our energy that we created till that moment. Therefore all our genetic material is not the leading ingredient, it is not what makes us. Genetic material is just another tool that makes it possible to translate our spiritual essence to a physiological being. In other words, to transform our spiritual state, our energy form to a physical or material state. This is why we, as unborn souls, are guided to the right parents that will meet our requirements to be able to live and learn the life that we are supposed to live and learn. There is absolutely no accident here at work and it’s not like we search endlessly for the right “parents”.

How upsetting it might be for the parents and sometimes for the child when realizing it is “abnormal” or different it is always according to the universal path that someone is undertaking. It’s like a perfect match for everyone involved in which each one can and has to learn their lessons if open for it. It’s quit magical if you think of it.

It’s like making a cake. To get the desired results you need the right ingredients. You go and collect them before you go to work with them. Same with you as an unborn soul. You are guided to the right parent-souls which carry the needed genetic materials for you to develop further. These developments or lessons can be mastered consciously or unconsciously.

The major problem with the current medical approach is that we are seen as physiological beings without an energetic essence of soul or spirit.

Genetic imperfections or disorders are basically not what it is. They aren’t imperfections or disorders on it self but the exact right collection of tools, genetic material that you, as an energetic being, need for your journey in this world. You might not be able to find the actual reason and therefore process to heal but any step taken to understand your energetic or spiritual state will bring you closer to unfold and healing your natural state of being. Which is and always was energetic! A misunderstanding is that we (are made to) believe that there is a actual standard to which we have to live up to. This is very wrong. Everyone of us is undertaking its own path, its own journey in which imperfection or perfection does not exists.



Everybody has their own path with their own matching tools to do exactly what they have to do. Therefor someone who is on the same path as you might still be in the impossibility to understand what you’re experiencing.
It is with this in mind that your only intention when being in a relation, even if this is a short term meeting, should be to stay in your core, stay with your own heart and make your decisions from there and feel that the only motivation you have is that you do or choose that specific thing because your heart tells you so.
You will feel this in every fiber of your soul and body.
Only the fact that you will be clear to yourself, you will give the other person the space and respect that they need and deserve to make their own choices and decisions.
So don’t try to to convince others of your experiences. tell them what you experiences are with the love you feel for that specific experience. own that experience but do not engage others in it.



the achievement of improvements
again and again
isn’t perfection by definition
it shows that someone is moving within his destiny
like an unborn chick
still turning around in its eggshell
waiting for the moment
it can be what it is born to be



Every moment is perfection
mankind has lost its true origin
when one will relocate its origin it automatically will regain its sensitivity for this perfection
then every moment has its own inspiration, its own origin
when learned to level one’s self completely to such a moment
one will witness its own true reality
when learned to level one’s self to this reality
one will witness the true nature of mankind
when learned to really witness this reality
one has learned not to witness
but one will be one with its surrounding
surrounding and observer are one
both will stop to manifest itself to be all one
both will stop to exist to be its origin


It is absolutely clear that when the One is the most purest form of love
that you are as well
with this there is no judgement, no witnessing of who you really are
the utter completeness, the One, is what one (they) is
one can not become what one already is
each reasoning, argumentation on “being” or “truly be” or “true nature”,
is a fixation on another illusion, a continuum of an idea.
the only thing which is, is what is
utter completeness is all-embracing


when one has the will to undergo serious introspection
the first thing to learn is to free ones self from fixation
a sense of being must be realised
not a part of, not the carrier of, not the owner of, not the spirit or soul of a whole.
one is.
every explanation is one to many, a focussing which lead only to illusion and attachment
one can not become what one already is


it is essential pitiful, although understandable
when one meets a fellow-man first a level of personal understanding must be achieved
before one is able to “open up” to this fellow-man
this level of personal understanding already shows the act coming from desires
the reality is that we have lost the essential unobstructed entry to our own heart,
our origin
when this entry would be free
one would see everyone’s true nature
then one would not speak of or through a level of personal understanding


nothing is or can be more important than the path of the One
no man or woman should keep you from it
no labour is more fulfilling, no friendship is richer,
no family is more binding than the path of the One
overcome the fear to follow the way
see the truth which existed all along and never got lost
see the man or woman you leave behind, see the friendship you brake,
see the family you leave behind when you come home at the path of the One
the reality of the One embraces everything
therefore the one who says goodbye to loved ones, family or friends
should not be held back by the sense of guilt or fear
therefore the one that is left behind
should not create remorse or hate to the one who chooses the path
the path embraces everything and every direction


So easy as it is to put judgement over someone and his actions
it takes great courage and wisdom to let someone be and to let actions come
inspire only by presence
even if someone is unjustful
words don’t penetrated as deep as feelings
feelings are only truly understood when words are not used
so restrain one’s self from rational behaviour and trust only your presence
even if this is denied


when one tries to transform selfishness to an unconditional act
selfishness sometimes is the only way
that can lead to an unconditional act