The tears of Angels

a story about what we are……

Long, long ago, before the first numbers, before the first word, when mankind was still great, everything was tangled in a harmony.
Everything was one and the One was in everything. The soil was fertile, trees bore many fruits, every species was abundantly represented, and mankind knew its place.
Mankind lived in prosperity, had no enemies, no boundaries and a strangers didn’t exist. Each man and woman fulfilled its life according to the One. There was no division and everything was as it should be. At this time, the time of inner wisdom, mankind was led by three high ones, three wise ones which inspired mankind to completeness and individual development in which everyone could discover and fulfill its origin within the civilization of mankind.
During this era mankind was living together with the angels. The angels were the true ones, the origin and where incorporeal. They were the origin from which mankind created itself.

Once, long for this world and before our consciousness, mankind was one with its origin, the One. Once, mankind was not subject to the division of men and women, life and death or rebirth. They were a direct expression of the One. Once, long ago, mankind was an incorporeality. An incorporeal existence of no beginning or end. Timeless, spaceless and formless. It was nothing and yet it was everything. Empty yet filled.
But these incorporealities, these angels became subjects to the timeless progress of change, development and evolution. Somehow, somewhere a spark or a loose thought triggered an event which actually created a whole new world. It was the power of shaping what was formless. A way of bending their energy, expending their own incorporeal existence. An action arose. An action which created the energy of desire, shaping, and to develop.
This new pulse of energy gave new possibilities. One of them, significant as it is, was the birth of self-awareness. This subtle non-physical sensation grew as it moved itself through this non-dimensional void. An anomaly. It collects attention which made it grow into an actual awareness. With this, self-consciousness was born within the incorporeal.
A self, that could lead to feel. To feel differences. To feel a self. With this new flow, energy was given a new kind of direction. Energy could now be used to create. Create desires, feelings, needs and options. The angels became intrigued by this twist of energy. The apparent ability to make a choice and to feel.
And by the attention given it was evaluated. The ability to ‘have’ feelings, to ‘have’ needs and to ‘make’ choices which were seemingly coming from one self’s. As the attention grew the energy was from one moment to another, a small big bang as it might, transformed into something entirely new; the spirit.
Concentrated energy within its origin which substantially gave a sense of self, a sense of individuality.
With this the principles of mankind was born. The sense of individuality grew larger which concluded to a growth of its dimension and substance.  The sense of self became a centre of attention. A seeming tangible point which gave the sense you could increase it and built around it.  Slowly the reality of the incorporeal started to show divisions, it moved to different dimensions, where it reached more and more to matter to be able to give shape.
To distinguish the self, this individual form. Out of desire and need a body was created, matter was used to meet the requirements of desire and need. The relocation of amorphous to form was put to motion.
The first embodiment was formed. But with forming a self and its individual embodiment the inevitable consequence took its place. Form with an individual self is subject to discrimination and difference. The difference of man and woman became a necessity. Subject to old age, death and rebirth, only by reproduction one was able to sustain and to develop the self. Only by forming, producing new bodies the new-found life could be insured.
The origin, the incorporeality, slowly became a memory. A lost connection to their origin. The true inspiration which was formless, where everything was one and from where everything was created. Now, this seemed to exist beyond their own experience. They became a subject to their new embodiment and didn’t know better than to identify themselves with it. It was limited. Limited in what was possible and limited in their movement. This new embodiment was fragile. It had to depend on finding shelter and protect itself against its environment. The new form, the fallen angels, realised the consequences of their choice, it felt as a deep pain, a guilt towards their origin growing and resting heavily on their shoulders. Guilt grew until it reached the moment that it was shadowed by pride. They couldn’t and dared not to face their own consequences anymore, there own choices. Pride took its place. Taking the place of the ability to see what they had done. More and more the superficial feelings and desires were valued over the memory of their origin. Slowly they moved away from their last bit of true self, the last connection to their origin. The last part of angel that was still burning in their hearts. It was pride that started evaluating the choices. Pride it was which made them relate their selves to a newfound center, their ego, their self.

A new world arose which could answer the needs and desires of this new mankind. A world of matter, elements, nature and seasons. A world in which the One was transformed into a functional matter. Plants, animals, stones, earth, water, air, wood and fire. An enormous variety of forms erupted to life in which the One manifested itself. Each form gave birth to another different form. Each form supported the next and was sustained by another. Everything fulfilled a purpose, served its part within a new harmony; the World. Mankind created protection and shelter against the elements and seasons forgetting they where part of it all. Forgetting it was them who created it all. They became subjects to day and night. Settlements were formed for warmth and protection. they sheltered them selves  against everything which was becoming unknown. For what was forgotten. Ignorance was given to learn from what was created. Time was born and time passed. Years emerged and passed by. Mankind passed through seasons, years and centuries. They adjusted and created different ways of living and expressed themselves the way their needs and desires would be satisfied. Throughout their expanding territory different settlements emerged in which societies were formed and mankind gained ownership over the land they though they had found.

Centuries passed, thousands of years in which mankind learned about the harmony which manifested itself in everything. They gained knowledge of matter and spirit, energy and form. Knowledge was born and preserved. It was categorised and put to value. From here they where able to form a source from which they could learn. With this source they formed ways to express their desire to make contact with the unknown. Mastering, shamanism and psychic abilities where now practiced and used to find a way to learn about their past and origin.
An era arose where mankind developed the knowledge over their existence and their part in the world. It was the era when the three high ones emerged. Three highly evolved beings from which the mind was clear. Three souls who were evidential present to everyone. Three high ones who, just with their presence, were able to influence everybody’s sense of experience. They knew their true origin. They knew who their forefathers where and knew that it was not them who existed.
These three high ones truly let themselves led by the One. They knew their part within everything.
It was during these times, the times of the three high ones, that the angels, the true originals, the incorporealities, where descending to the world of mankind. Through the presence and teachings of the three high ones mankind was able to regain contact with their origin. A new era arose in which mankind started to see the evolution which they had created over the ages. They learn to develop several ways to enforce the contact with their origin. The three high ones inspired mankind to fulfil everybody’s individual part within the society through the ‘teaching of the One’. Flexible guidelines, teachings of virtue, wisdom and insight emerged to help mankind to fulfil their part. Every men and women learned about their own individual part in the teachings of the One. Everyone fulfilled their part without questioning, without answering. Mankind gained wisdom and new about its origin. This gave them strength and conviction. They discovered the true essence, the source of their own existence. Mankind discovered that it was them who were the teachings. They were the One.
Society and mankind evolved. Prosperity and harmony developed itself to a high refinement. Unnatural death did not appear. Men or women were never alone. Crops where sufficient, nature was kind and the elements followed willingly. Everyone followed their heart, fulfilled their part according to their own individuality in harmony with the One. Mankind knew its true nature and excessive desires disappeared. It was learned to deal with emotions wisely so excessive behaviour was avoided. Bodily needs were moderated so sickness did not appear. There was unity in the societies and everyone was satisfied. With this high development of mankind a higher and more subtle experience arose. With this deeper experience a stronger yet subtle connection was made possible to love. With love mankind was able to unify on a higher level.
Many thousands of years passed. After the three high ones came the two true ones. They as well brought mankind to higher development. Mankind was complete and the true ones merged their presence in the lives of mankind. The two true ones were known though no one knew who they where. Their influence was without boundaries yet no one knew the actual source. Everyone was being touched by their wisdom yet no one felt its touch. Everyone followed the teachings of the One and knew its origin.
During this era of harmony and unity in which fulfillness, virtue and wisdom was common use, a time of trial came. Mankind knew its origin, knew its true nature. Mankind, who now lived together with the angels, the incorporealities, was confronted with the inevitable. The old conscience. The old fire that was lurking for the right time for mankind to feel her heat. The action that was made so long ago finally got her response. Mankind was confronted with the reality of their ability to make choices. The recognition to their deeds and its enormous consequents came back; to take full responsibility over what they had created. The universe in which their world was settled.

It was as if the angels, the wisdom and knowledge suddenly had disappeared. Mankind felt itself suddenly stripped from innocence. A strong sense of guilt returned and made their vision blur. The teachings of the One seem to vaporize as easy as smoke over fire. A enormous remorse was felt over the done deeds and mankind started to go blind by staring at every detail. The deep awareness on the actual impact of their deeds and its responsibility was now resting with its full weight on the shoulders of mankind. From guilt came fear. Fear for the angels. Fear for reckoning from the angels. The angels where becoming the incorporeal embodiment of what they renounced. Blinded by fear the teachings of the One were now avoided. As a dark cloud, fear spread itself over mankind. The sense of guilt grew into an excessive expression. To repent became a way to pay for the deeds that where done. Chastising and disciplinary rules where now used as to purify and to bring salvation to mankind.
Feelings and desires now became excessively expressed. Suspicion arose and unity became unreliable. The power to divide become a politic. War and battle followed. Out of the people arose chosen or self chosen leaders who took the power by politics or force. The people where tried to put at ease by made up rules, laws which, by the lack of sincerity, missed its purpose. Suppression of the people emerged. Followed by violence and intellectual abuse. The people responded with rebellion and unrest and fearsome battles followed.

Mankind became blinded by fear and ignorance. Diseases appeared and unnatural death became common. Men and women became separated. Animal species disappeared and crops seem to become to less. The elements started to roar and disasters emerged.
The angels felt the fear of mankind and saw the horror in everyone’s heart. They saw what was blinding the people. What slowly brought them to destruction. They felt the pain, the sorrow and the incapacity of which mankind was now leading it self away from their origin. They felt how mankind was crying. Out of powerlessness people started to avoid their fellow kind and to mistrust them. The angels cried for mankind out of compassion and love. They felt the love which mankind was now incapable of feeling.
An era of disorder and trouble arose. Elements roared the world. Chaos and warfare sometimes was replaced by a relatively calm period of time. People took refuge in their homes. Seeking protection against everything which was uncommon, unusual or anything that made them feel uncomfortable. Their hearts closed up. Living from fear made everything being transformed to something not trustworthy. To reach out to one another was done only in a highly rational way as to not give any notion to their true desire.
a fearsome battle started against dominating diseases, death and the fear of death. Mankind became truly ignorant about what they where and where they came from.
A division emerged of the available land in which different cultures were formed. Different expressions of believes became subject of argumentation. Religions emerged from ignorance. A new world arose. Created to satisfy our desires, feelings of fear, needs and selfishness. Angels where now subjects to the convictions of mankind and their own created religions. Living in remote, unreachable but by mankind adored worlds.
New societies emerged. Based on power, wealth and profit. Suppression and division between men became a cultivated good. An excuse used to gain more power and wealth. War became a necessity. The old world was being exploited and became a subject for stories to fantasies with or to dream about.
Every divided piece of land had its own convictions, believes and religion. Wars where fought to determine who was right and who was wrong. Stories based on what they remembered about their origin became religious guidelines which soon became instruments for suppression and forced convictions. Everything was done in the name of their believes but the true motives where a cultivated selfishness.
Moderation transformed to excessiveness. Excessiveness became the common use. Mankind exploited their surrounding and cultivated their deeds. With each other they seeked security and safety. Truth was often avoided. Religion became a way to answer their need for salvation. Salvation became possible after doing penance. Mankind was looking for a fulfilment for an increasingly empty existence. They where aware of a guilt but ignorant about the source of it. Mankind had forgotten who and what they where. Families became a new foundation on which new values where based and division normalized. Newborns were seen as possession and the true source of existence was forgotten.
Mankind looked for a new harmony, new ways to peace en prosperity but the teachings of the One kept avoided. They looked for consolation outside themselves. The angels, the incorporeal existence where forgotten. Only in fantastic stories used in religion and mythical tails, angels were mentioned as messengers from god, a super creator who supposedly was responsible for the creation of this world. Many books were written but mankind read the words but did not see what was written. Holy books from a far past, books that would give an insight in the teachings of the One were studied with great intellectualism but remained misunderstood. And so mankind kept it self alive in its glass bowl of guilt and fear. Holding on to their desire to exist, their tender joy of time and moment. Disasters, chaos and warfare was taken as a unavoidable fact. Everything became a subject of study. Everything was seen as something that came from outside our selves and needed to be understood and controlled.
Mankind rest itself in this newly created world of science over life. Theories emerged, lived by and avoided. Cultures where cultivated and countries expanded their borders, fused and divided again. Mankind lived according to new values and ideas wherein they carefully searched for a long lost kind of peace. The angels were forgotten as the origin but remained looking over mankind. And their hearts wept.

Sometimes, when one carries an open heart, when one comes to places on this earth where rarely someone is found, an old forest, desolated plains or inhospitable mountain range, one can witness the tears of an angel.
Deep blue to intense indigo, clear green to overwhelming red. Stand still and surrender yourself. Remember who and what you are and feel your heart pounding. Witness your own death and rebirth. See the angel which let this tear for you, feel its compassion, and feel the love which formed this tear. Embrace this compassion and recognize your true nature. Recognize your origin.

Sometimes, when one is alone, mankind can witness an angel.

The use of the word angels can be misleading for some of you.
The word angels is not referring to the well-known angels from heaven dresses in white clothes, big white wings on their shoulders and working as the messenger from god. This explanation, as it is written in so many books, is only one of the ways to make formless deities understandable for us. We are used to understand only what we can see, touch and feel. If we can’t make an image of something we are not able to even grasp it, to let it pass through our grinder of understanding.
With the word angels as used in this text I refer to just that what we can’t grasp. It is amorphous, shapeless, without any form. It’s the purest form of energy strongly connected and part of its origin. It must be well understood that within this dimension there is no such thing as division, separation or self. Perhaps this is indeed hard to grasp but that’s just how it is.

Written in 2001 on the mountains of South Germany after meeting a tear of an angel and reading the teachings of Wen Tzu.


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